Get to know Unity’s Employee Resource Groups and the steps they’re taking to foster inclusion

Artwork created to represent the Caregivers ERG internally at UnityThe mission of the Caregivers ERG is to partner with Unity to advance understanding and inclusion for employees who find themselves frequently in a caregiving role, be it for children, parents, or for other meaningful relationships in their lives. Founded this year, the group hosted a virtual volunteer event in partnership with our Social Impact team to send care packages to children in hospitals this holiday season. Balancing the care of others with impactful, meaningful work can be taxing for employees, and this ERG is dedicated to bringing resources, policies, and appreciation to its community so that, as a company, Unity is better able to retain, support, and provide equal opportunities for caregiving employees.

Employee feedback: “I want to thank everyone for joining the kick off meetings this week. It’s really nice to meet new people at Unity and feel less alone.”

Unity currently offers a variety of benefits for

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Tips for Effective UI Design in Console Game Development

For something purely visual, UI design is absolutely integral in a good gaming experience. Effective UI design in console game development can be the difference between a player enjoying their time with your title and them never picking it up again.


That might sound dramatic, but effective UI design is a fast track for game information. It is the information highway that connects game knowledge and information directly to the players. And understand good UI design for console game development is important for any good designer and artist.


We’ve talked before about the importance of UI and UX on other platforms and discussed some tips for developing console games for Unity. Now, we’d like to jump into effective UI design and talk about some fundamental tips our UI designers consider for console game development projects and more.


Understand the purpose of UI Design

When considering UI design in console

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Top 7 Web app development frameworks for 2023

deWeb frameworks have changed the dimensions of websites in every way. In the earlier days websites used to be simple and static. However, now with all the technical improvements, web app development frameworks make sure users get the best experience while browsing a website. 

Apart from this, time-to-market is another thing many companies are craving these days, isn’t it? Yes, web frameworks have eased the way of online marketing as well. To understand this more precisely, we need to have a look at how web frameworks have changed the quality of marketing digitally. We are talking about the use of digital marketing with the help of different tools, techniques, and frameworks. Let’s find out some of the top web frameworks to use in 2023. 

So, what is a web framework? 

A web development framework can be defined as a well-structured software platform used for developing web applications and websites. It

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