Creepy, cute, compelling: The recipe for smash hit, Cult of the Lamb

Thinking about the roguelike elements, how did you implement randomization? What was most difficult to balance here?

Our team has a huge range of skill levels when it comes to gaming. We balanced “easy” to Julian, “medium” to me, and “hard” to Jimp.

The other nice thing about dungeon crawlers is that you don’t really need the randomization to be very balanced. It’s actually more fun when you have a run where you get lucky, and sometimes you get really unlucky. It’s that variety that makes it fun!

Balancing was mostly focused on enemy and boss HP against the level of your character’s starting weapon. Then there was experimentation with faith and hunger levels. 

We also have a lot of things under the hood of the game that adjust to the player if you’re struggling. For example, if you’re low on health, you’re much more likely to find a heart

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Don’t Let Offscreen Objects Ruin Your Performance – Unity CullingGroup API – General and Gameplay Programming – Tutorials

Check the original blog post at The Gamedev Guru: Don’t Let Offscreen Objects Ruin Your Performance – Unity CullingGroup API

Learn how to make your expensive scripts cost nothing while they are offscreen.

Table of Content

Offwhat GameObject?

First off: what is an offscreen object?

An object is offscreen when you cannot see it from your camera’s perspective. This may happen because your object is “behind” your camera (therefore culled by frustrum) or behind walls/other occluders (occlusion culling).

So if an object is offscreen and we cannot see it, we don’t have to dedicate expensive computational resources to it right?

Wrong. That’s what I thought when I was a kid. Not anymore.

The Performance Cost(s) of Offscreen Objects

Here are some of the hardware costs you are paying for offscreen objects:

  • The culling price: is an object offscreen at all? Unity determines this by checking its visibility through
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The Key Differences between a Remake, Remaster, and Game Porting

It’s important to understand what you need best for your gaming projects. If you’re working on a new title, a remake or a remaster can often prove highly effective at drawing in new audiences. A game port is just as effective with a recent title, allowing new players to dive into your game by expanding its reach and availability. 

We’ve touched on the how’s and why’s of game porting before, but if you’d like to understand the key differences between these options, keep reading. The Starloop Studios team are experts and industry leaders in game porting, with more than twelve years’ experience in development, game porting, and more. And understanding what separates these options for developers or investors is key in successful continued business in the gaming industry.


Remaking an older title is a fantastic way to rejuvenate fans of your titles and your work. Bringing life back into

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From production to participation: The story of Drop in the Ocean

We also used dynamic resolution scales throughout the project, too. When there is a lot on screen, the render scale drops, and when there are only a few hero objects on screen, it goes up. This way, when the viewer focuses on one thing, they get that thing at 100% quality. But, when they focus on a large group of objects (i.e., hundreds of jellyfish), they get a real sense of presence and a feeling of being in a big crowd.

In order to draw things like the player hands, player avatars, and a few other VFX objects, we needed access to VFX Graph. This was, in part, because the assets were originally authored using VFX Graph and utilized a few bespoke scripts. Essentially, rebuilding all the VFX would have been a huge time constraint. In order to get VFX Graph working on Open GL 3.1, we had to disable

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Linear Interpolation Explained – General and Gameplay Programming – Tutorials

Linear interpolation is everywhere. Games, 3D animation, image creation tools and much more all rely heavily on interpolation, so having a thorough understanding of linear interpolation is extremely important.

This text is somewhat geared towards game developers, however it’s general enough to apply to any programming audience regardless of if you’re into games or not.

What is interpolation?

In the simplest sense, interpolation is finding data in between other data. Unfortunately, this explanation is really vague, and understanding interpolation is quite difficult without real examples, so I will provide some.

Linear Interpolation, and the Number Line.

Lets explain linear interpolation by using a number line as an example.

What number is halfway in between -2, and 2?

If you answered 0, you would be correct! Congratulations! You just did linear interpolation inside your head. (Yes, that’s all it is!) Going back to the original definition of interpolation as “finding data

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How to Give Your Dungeon Master Feedback Like a Pro

Running games like Dungeons & Dragons is sometimes a thankless job. Dungeon Masters (DMs) have to spend hours prepping for gaming sessions, then be ready to throw it all out and improvise when players decide to seize some random, loose thread and yank on it like they’re in that tug-of-war scene in Squid Games. Players, on the other hand, just have to show up and know how to play their one character while the DM has to give voice to an entire world and is often expected to master the game rules front-to-back. The DM’s job is tough, so we can cut them some slack.

That said, DMs can sometimes benefit from some constructive feedback. They may not be doing a good job, or they may know what they’re doing but what they’re doing doesn’t vibe with the rest of the group. For example, playing D&D mostly as a

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imagesYou’ve got made a sport and it is going properly, but it’s good to add a save characteristic in order that the participant can continue with their journey – ini functions will do the trick. That stated, just like in the above part where you can use suffixes to create new names from old ones, you may create new pet names using the following frequent romantic names by combining them collectively and adding your personal names in. Recreation Maker: Studio makes use of occasions and actions to specify how situations of objects should behave in the game. When a brand new instance of obj_startGame is created, we want to run our script. Crea plans to rely heavily on a neighborhood of modders to enhance the gameplay by altering the characters, objects, biomes and monsters throughout the sport world. This means that people who usually keep away from modding due to …

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Maintaining Atmosphere while Game Porting

Porting is a time-intensive task. While it’s often said it might not be a very complicated one, it certainly has its own challenges. These challenges are often worth it, however, in delivering your game to new audiences and platforms!

Porting can sometimes be a one-to-one exchange but in many cases, it presents a multitude of changes and requirements that must be fulfilled. If the engine has been updated to a newer version since launch, it can mean a lot of work adapting and upgrading.

Lighting and shaders are often the first thing on the list which were two of the key issues our team encountered with the porting of Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch. When it comes to any game, atmosphere is absolutely key in preserving player immersion. For a game set in a universe like Warhammer 40,000, atmosphere is almost as important as the core gameplay.

Why to Consider Atmosphere when

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