How should my resume be structured?

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When writing a resume, ideally, you should follow a certain order and write no more than two pages. If you don’t have much professional experience, you’re better off putting it on one page and not including too much information on your resume, or use a professional cv writing service.

Next, we will show you how to structure your resume and what information you should definitely include in separate sections.


The title of your resume should be at the top and should be in font size 20 or larger. You can choose between a very classic option like “resume” and “resume from…”, or you can include your name as the title. If you choose this option, you won’t have to enter your name again in your contact and personal information.

Contact details and personal information

Your contact details and personal information will be placed at the top of your resume. Usually, a headline or a place next to your app’s photo is fine for this. You must enter these details here:

  • First and last name
  • Whole address
  • telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth (out)
  • Place of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Name

As you have just learned, the indication of your nationality is part of the voluntary information. You can also omit them. Also make sure your email address is as serious as possible and not hasenpups95. This does not make a good impression and is an exclusion criterion for many HR managers.


What follows is information about your academic background. This includes both your school and your professional training, such as studies. Do not start with elementary school, but with your last high school diploma and build your professional training on this. Here, go against chronology and put the current or previous station at the top.

Completion of the semester abroad must also be indicated in this area. This is a sign that you have intercultural skills. The same applies if you grew up in another country and attended elementary school there. In such cases, the elementary school is also happy to list them in this section of the resume.

Your study period is always indicated with mm/yyy, for example 01/2019 – 06/2020 or – today. The date is in the far left corner, on the right you post more accurate information about your school or training company and always indicate your final grade.

Professional experience

After all, you continue your professional career. Again use the same date format as before and set it to the left. Finally, on the right, you list the exact information about your profession. Again, you should go against the chronology, as the HR manager is, of course, most interested in your last job. You must provide the following information:

The exact time for your employment

  • Employers you have worked for
  • Title of your position
  • Your tasks and achievements

You list your tasks and achievements in short and meaningful paragraphs. The HR manager knows what skills you have and whether you are a good fit for the advertised position based on your experience.

If you have changed departments as part of your job or have been promoted, you must also report this. The entire period of your employment and company is at the top, your various positions finally follow in reverse chronological order with details of your positions or activities.