Top 7 Web app development frameworks for 2023

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deWeb frameworks have changed the dimensions of websites in every way. In the earlier days websites used to be simple and static. However, now with all the technical improvements, web app development frameworks make sure users get the best experience while browsing a website. 

Apart from this, time-to-market is another thing many companies are craving these days, isn’t it? Yes, web frameworks have eased the way of online marketing as well. To understand this more precisely, we need to have a look at how web frameworks have changed the quality of marketing digitally. We are talking about the use of digital marketing with the help of different tools, techniques, and frameworks. Let’s find out some of the top web frameworks to use in 2023. 

So, what is a web framework? 

A web development framework can be defined as a well-structured software platform used for developing web applications and websites. It offers a plethora of pre-written components, code snippets, and application templates. Web Developers use these frameworks to build web services, web APIs, and other web applications. 

How many types of frameworks are there, then? 

Generally, there are two types of web frameworks – client-side frameworks and server-side frameworks. Client-side frameworks are the front-end part that is used to interact with the user interface (UI) whereas server-side frameworks are the back-end part that is used to handle all the database for the smooth functioning of the website.

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Front-end Framework

Back-end Framework

  • It is made for users to access. 
  • Involves UI-UX designing, SEO optimization, performance and scalability enhancement, etc. 
  • Front-end languages – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. 
  • Front-end frameworks – React, Angular, Vue, Meteor.
  • Users can’t access the back end. 
  • Involves database management, security, URL routing, designing site architecture, etc. 
  • Back-end languages – Python, PHP, JavaScript, etc. 
  • Back-end frameworks – Express, Laravel, CodeIgniter. 

Framework Architecture & Its Classification

Frameworks are of different architectures and designs. The architecture of a framework defines the relation between the different components of the framework. It also decides how the various layers will interact with each other. So, let’s dig deep into the topic. 

  • Model View Controller –  Model View Controller or MVC is the most popular model many frameworks are based on. To differentiate data models with business standards from the UI, MVC architecture is preferred. The MVC model supports reusable code, and modularized code, and permits various interfaces. 
  • Model-View-ViewModel – It is also known as MVVM. Frameworks like VueJS use the MVVM model. Here. The view layer acts as a controller and converts the data objects from the Model layer into manageable components. As the View layer handles all the user requests directly, the data binding becomes more straightforward. 
  • Push-based vs Pull-based – Push-based architectures are also known as ‘action-based’ whereas pull-based architectures are known as ‘component-based’. Action-based framework process and accordingly ‘push’ the data to a view layer. Component-based frameworks can ‘pull’ outcomes from diverse controllers if required. 
  • Three-tier Organization – The three-tier organization applications are well-regulated in three physical tiers: application, database, and client-side.  This database is usually a relational database. The application possesses business logic that runs on a server and corresponds with the client utilizing HTTP. 

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Let’s move into the 7 most popular web frameworks to use in 2023

7 most popular web frameworks

Let’s discuss one-by-one. 


React JS is an open-source framework for JavaScript that is used to build user interfaces (UI), and their components, and for building mobile applications with React Native. 

It is maintained by Facebook and is currently one of the most popular front-end frameworks in the past year, experiencing rapid growth due to its ease of use and flexibility. It’s a first-choice framework for building single-page applications. Besides, it interacts very well with various web tools. 


Angular is currently one of the best front-end web development frameworks for developers. It is a TypeScript-based, open-source web app development framework managed by Google Angular Team. You can use Angular to construct vast, high-functioning web applications. 


Vue is also another JavaScript web development framework. It has greater flexibility around the use of HTML and CSS and the model-view-view model (MVVM) architecture. With its easy-to-use and learn capabilities, it has gathered a crowd of followers. You can build dynamic UIs and Single Page Applications extremely fast using Vue.

Vue is a platform that is usually picked up by professionals that are just getting used to the programming. It is also a great choice for building UIs for web applications.


MeteorJS or Meteor is a productive JavaScript framework that is used to create real-time web and mobile apps quickly. It supports instant prototyping and yields cross-platform code for iOS, Android, desktops, and browsers. Galaxy, its cloud platform, exceptionally simplifies scaling, deployment, and monitoring. 



Express.js or Express is an open-source backend framework that supplies a variety of key features for website and mobile development.  It is considered one of the best web development frameworks as it is a minimal, flexible, framework for custom Node js development projects.

It functions on Java, one of the major programming languages, for building up backend web applications.  Additionally, Express helps develop competent APIs. It is one of the significant Express components of the mean software bundle. 


Laravel is a very popular PHP framework for developing web apps, featuring expressive and elegant syntax, helping make coding faster, and leveraging a powerful Blade template engine. It functions on an MVC architectural model and has API support and contains a good quantity of packages that could expand its reach. 

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It offers a light PHP framework that has one of the smallest footprints, saving time with less coding needed. CodeIgniter Developers appreciate the speed of CodeIgniter, with many built-in features that don’t rely on many external components. CodeIgniter also uses MVC architecture. 

The above-mentioned web frameworks are the 7 most popular frameworks to use in 2023. 

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The Bottom Line!

Web frameworks are an integral part of the website and web app development process. Using these popular web app development frameworks is highly recommended as it can speed up your development process. 

We at Artoon Solutions can help you find an ideal web app development framework that can fit and boost your business requirements. Having the web app development framework according to your business requirements would help you generate higher traffic rates for your website. Our team of over 250+ technical experts will assist you throughout the development process.