Pad Evaluation

Game ControllerThe online game business has lengthy ignored players with disabilities. I purchased an previous 6-button Genesis controller (the great SLS-manufactured ones, not the crappy knock-off ones manufactured by Jalesco or whoever it was and rebranded with the SEGA brand) off eBay and took it aside. I additionally bought off eBay a pair of the new (2009) SLS-manufactured and reissued-solely-abroad Saturn” controllers that are USB for use with PCs, and took one of them aside. The controllers are cosmetically completely different on the skin and have a slightly totally different feel, however they use the identical D-pad design as illustrated above. The Saturn USB controllers, when used with emulators like MAME or KEGA Fusion, are much more accurate and less irritating”-feeling than the D-pads on either the PS2 or Xbox360 controllers I additionally hook up to my COMPUTER. The SEGA pads actually are the most effective design, even in any case … Read more

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