Six Best Games of All Time, Which is Your Favorite?

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Although traditional games are very exciting, it must be admitted that the presence of virtual games has also filled fun times in life. In fact, we can say that we grow up with the row of games. Well, talking about the legendary and best game, which one do you think is the coolest? Maybe many names will appear, from Super Mario to GTA.

Well, this time Boombastis will discuss a row of the best-selling games of all time and has been played by millions more. Sit down and enjoy the following reviews, and see if your favorite games are included in the best list below.

  1. Pokemon Series

Not only the cartoon series, Pokemon games are also very popular. There are quite a number of Pokemon game variants released. For example, the ones that are still 2-dimensional and simple coloring are Pokemon Yellow, Gold, or Silver that are released for GameBoy consoles. Then followed by Game Boy Advance (GBA) like Pokemon Fire Read, Ruby, or Shappire. Then for the Nintendo DS console there are Pokemon Black and White.

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Judging from the gameplay, almost all Pokemon games are the same. You will start the game with one partner equipped to get around and fight enemies while raising levels. Like the one on TV you can also catch any monsters including the legendary ones. Later Nintendo also released the latest series for Pokemon, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Next year there will also be Pokemon Go which will be released for Android and iOS.

  1. Half Life

Talking about first person shooting game genre, then there is nothing coolest besides Half Life. In relation to Half Life, you might still remember Counter Strike and Team Fortress. These two games may be what you often play when you go home from school or on weekends. Actually the way to play itself is very simple, namely shooting enemies and carrying out missions. But the sensation is really cool as we enter it.

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Counter Strike began the era of first person shooting games played online for computers. There are several new release series from this popular game ranging from Counter Strike 1.3, 1.7 No Stream, and Source. Half Life continues to expand with this one game. Most recently they issued Counter Strike Online with graphics and more diverse types of mission options.

  1. Gran Theft Auto

This game should only be played by teenagers and adults, but there are lots of children who play it too. The reason why this game is only allowed to be played for those who are old enough is because there are various criminal acts and American gangsters. Start stealing cars, shooting at enemies, to riots. This game is indeed controversial, although it must be admitted that it has very real and interesting gameplay.

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Judging from its history, Rockstar Game, the developer has released this game series several times. The most recent is GTA V which has been equipped with very capable graphics. So it feels like we are entering it and acting as the main character. If you visit the Play Station rental, it is certain that the owner must have this one game.

  1. Super Mario

Who used to be scolded by mom for not taking a nap because of playing Super Mario? Yes, this game is a childhood friend in the 90s even older. The way to play is actually very simple, but it never feels bored to continue playing this one game. In the past if you still remember, this game was first used to be played on the large Nintendo machine.

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As time goes by and the gaming world is growing, Mario still remains a mainstay of Nintendo, the creator. The proof, in each Japanese-made console this game is always presented. Starting from the GameCube, Wii, to the latest Wii U. Actually, Mario’s game is not just about the plumber who saved the princess, but there was also something that was packed with a racing form titled Mario Cart.

  1. Resident Evil

Ever playing the Resident Evil game on Play Station means your childhood is full of tension. Yup, this game used to be very frightening and made excited. Even so, the story is exciting and the gameplay is charming makes anyone curious to continue to play the action genre horror game.

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The core story of Resident Evil itself is about the main character who survived the epidemic of a zombie virus that must survive. Although it was filled with shooting action, Resident Evil took pictures with a third person. So that players can freely shoot at the bloody zombies. If you still remember, the most thrilling moment in this game was not against the boss of the monster, but when the moment opened the door. How not, these zombies often reveal themselves suddenly.

  1. Metal Gear Solid

The champion for this list is Metal Gear Solid. If you have ever played this one and been so entertained it may not need to be explained at length why Metal Gear Solid deserves to be the best. Young children used to fantasize about wanting to be spies or agents. Well, this game represents the imagination very well.

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In general this game tells the story of the main character named Solid Snake who must complete missions by sneaking and spying on a spy style in general. But certainly not that easy, there are various levels that must be passed until finally fighting the big boss. Metal Gear has survived almost two decades but there are still no other games that can surpass it. If you are busy, never try this game. Once tempted, without feeling you will spend hours in front of the monitor.

Is there one of your favorite games on this list? Yes, of course there is. You may even like almost everything. Considering the row of this game is the best.

In the end, the game is just entertainment, the task is nothing more than making someone who plays it happy. So, treat it like that. Don’t be addicted and ultimately prioritize things that are not too important and neglect others.