FIFA series game introduction

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FIFA is a football game that is loved by every football lover and is developed by EA sports every year. FIFA series is one of the most famous gaming series in the world.

This game has billions of fans all over the world. But what is the reason behind it? The reason is that EA sports provide quality in the game and gamers love the quality.


EA Sports released their First FIFA series game on July 15, 1993, under the title of FIFA International Soccer and their latest release was FIFA 19 which was released on September 28, 2018.

Before EA sports started the FIFA series, there was a lot of other football games such as Kick Off, Sensible Soccer, etc. that were available in the market to compete with FIFA.

 Many football lovers thought that this series by EA sports would not last for long in the gaming industry due to high competition. In the beginner of the release, this though seems to be true because EA sports was not able to see much success in this gaming series.

But EA sports keep providing quality to the fans through this game which helps them the standout and becomes the best Football game in the world.

Since the start of the series, EA Sports has been releasing the latest version of the FIFA series every year, and they have succeeded in producing more than 25 games in this series.

FIFA series

After FIFA International Soccer, FIFA 95 was released with the lot less feature, but EA sports pushed the limits after releasing FIFA 96.

 It was the first time that FIFA was released with a real players name after getting the FIFPRO license. FIFA 96 was introduced with a 2D players moving around a 3D stadium.

This version of the game start building EA sports fan base and people started shifting from other football games to EA series. FIFA 97 comes up with a new idea and introduce an indoor soccer mode in the game where people were able to experience some indoor matches.

 FIFA 1998 world cup was one of the biggest reason for the success of the FIFA gaming series. EA sports release their FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 at the right time.

Due to the world cup, Football craze was at a peak at that time, and EA sports utilize that thing and release one of the most famous FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 game.

This was the first time when electronic arts release an officially licensed tournament game which have a complete World Cup mode that includes all the national teams with a qualifying round.

 This edition was released with much-improved graphics and gameplay. And now in the year 2019, FIFA 19 has been released which is entirely different for the past versions of the game and shows the improvement in the game. FIFA 19 has over 700 teams including national and international team and over 30 leagues. If you need FIFA 19 coins, you can contact us.

In the beginner, EA sports was not very much success in gaining much reputation but when the time pass FIFA series earn a lot of fans base and now FIFA is one of the most famous games in the gaming industry.

 FIFA had to face a lot of competition in the past but now PES is the only competition of the FIFA game, and still, PES has to do a lot more to reach the level of FIFA game.

That’s all due to the quality Electronic arts is providing to their fans. Every year Electronic Arts release a new edition of FIFA series and that edition is always better than the previous one. I

If you compare FIFA 18 with FIFA 19, you will see some features different in both the version. FIFA 19 has a lot of new stadium, teams, leagues that were not included in FIFA 18.  EA Sports has made billions of fans and have earned billions of dollars revenue though FIFA series.