Drifting through worlds built in NDunes with Doug Campbell

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With my undeclared minor in art history and no formal art training, I have always painted and sculpted for personal enjoyment. After college I met an established professional artist – he became my mentor, and general guide to the world of professional galleries.

My work was mostly landscapes and seascapes with the occasional portrait commission. I was represented by several large galleries on the West Coast and an art agent in Los Angeles who represented my work to other galleries in the United States. I lived and painted in Europe for a couple of years, then returned to the US to marry and raise a family.

Out of necessity, I reluctantly became a part of corporate America. I continue to paint on the side, but switched to digital media, primarily 3D. I have worked with a number of software applications, including Vue, Terragen, 3ds Max, and Houdini, always focused on themes of the natural world.