3 ways retailers are preparing to thrive in the metaverse

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Already a significant driver in the transformation of the retail industry, e-commerce accelerated further as companies pushed to keep up with customer demand throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, as e-commerce growth increased, it highlighted conventional digital marketing’s lack of customization and engagement possibilities. Brands quickly realized that they needed to do more to attract new customers and retain existing ones, sparking a digital revolution that saw many retailers upgrading their technological infrastructure and laying down frameworks for metaverse use cases.

Metaverse experiences can provide consumers with an all-access pass to their favorite brands. From participating in product design and R&D to exploring products virtually – just as they would in person – the options for creating interactive, engaging shopping experiences are endless. Going forward, retailers must continue to build upon the foundations they’ve laid and merge the digital and physical into consistent and meaningful brand experiences if they are to excel in the metaverse.

Here are some examples of how retailers are using metaverse tech to accelerate consumer engagement, boost conversion, and strengthen their brands: