When You Stare At This DS Case, The DS Case Stares Back At You

GametechYou know how tough it is – attempting to procure a few those Duke Xbox controllers for your man-sized paws. Thankfully, for folks reminiscent of yourself, GAMETECH’s busting out the Sound Shell, which takes the apparently dangerously small DS Lite and gives it plenty of fats. Apart from adding on a pair of certain-to-be-booming speakers to the rear, this thing additionally gives a nifty storage nook to your earbuds and a completely essential kickstand. You could possibly blow ┬ąthree,200 ($30) on this, or you would look an entire lot extra hip by just picking up a equally beefy Sport Boy and kickin’ it old skool. Yahoo is now a part of the Oath household Attributable to EU data safety laws, we (Oath), our distributors and our companions want your consent to set cookies on your system to make use of your search, location and looking information to know your interests … Read more

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