How to play FIFA 19 on ps4?

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Playing FIFA 19 on PS4 is really fun. EA Sports has a lot of fan following on PlayStation. But some of the people don’t know how to play FIFA 19 and score more goal on PS4.

So today I’m going to guide you about how to score some extra goal with some amazing shots.

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Short taker

Before shooting, it’s very important to position the shot taker using the left analog of your controller properly.

For example, if you want to shoot the ball at the far post, make sure to position the shot taker towards the far post before he takes the shot. It will increase the efficiency of his finish.

Also, you will double your chances of scoring goal. So before shooting you should always take it into consideration, if you have got a left-footed player of a right-footed player on the ball.

This rule doesn’t apply to the 5-star players because they can score goal either with a faulty shot.

Ground Shots

When the opponent brings the keeper out and closes the angle, all you need to do is load around the aim to the left or the right side of the goal depending on the situation and press the ground shot button.

It will increase your chances of scoring goal when you are in a one on one situation with a goalkeeper. In FIFA 19, goalkeepers struggle while stopping the ground shot.

So the key to success in scoring goal is to use the ground shot technique when the distance to the goalkeeper is half a meter. The good news is that you can perform the ground shot with any player on the field.

Low driven finish

The difference between a low driven finish and a regular ground shot is that the driven finish is much more powerful and thus increase the chances to score a goal.

You can score the goal with this technique when the distance to the goalkeeper is bigger. All you require to do is hold down the L1 LB button and R1 RB button of your controller and then hold the left analog to the empty side of the goal.

This fishing is truly unstoppable and will let you win some extra matches. So if your opponent brings the keeper out and the distance to the keeper is minimal, use the ground shot, but if the goalkeeper stays at the goal line you need to use a low driven finish to score goals.

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