Shenmue Creator Announces New Game

Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki and YS Net have announced Water Twister, a new video game coming to Apple Arcade on June 24th. The mobile title is described as a “fantasy endless shooter” where players are tasked with fighting against invaders to save their planet from destruction using homing arrows and a swipe-shooting mechanic. Notably, Suzuki is also known for the classic Sega arcade game Space Harrierwhich seems to share a lot of DNA with Water Twister.

“Soar through the sky in this all-new fantasy endless shooter from legendary game creator Yu Suzuki,” the official announcement of Water Twister for Apple Arcade reads. “Players will assume the role of Princess Arch fighting back against bizarre invaders to save their planet from destruction. They’ll rain down their homing arrows to trace graceful arcs of light across beautiful, artfully crafted stages, before they pierce their foes. With a fun and

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‘Downwell’ creator debuts new game ‘Poinpy’ on Netflix

users can check out as part of their subscription starting today. Poinpy is the latest title from Ojiro Fumoto, the creator of indie classic . It’s another vertical scrolling game, but this time around, you’re moving up instead of descending into a well.

Fumoto and Team Poinpy have eschewed the pixelated look of Downwell for an art style that’s much more cute and colorful. You’ll bounce your way up the screen and avoid or take out enemies. Players will need to collect food to feed a blue beast that’s chasing them. As you progress, you’ll unlock more abilities that could make future runs easier.

Poinpy is one of three games from Devolver Digital (which also published Downwell) that are coming to Netflix. Also on the way is Reigns: Three Kingdoms, which is the fifth game in . The latest entry takes place in the latter years of

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Downwell Creator’s New Game Poinpy Is Available Now

The creator of Downwell, Ojiro Fumoto, surprised everyone today by revealing and releasing their new game, Poinpy, on Netflix’s mobile gaming platform. The game is published by Devolver on Netflix’s growing gaming platform and is available by searching for the game in the dedicated gaming section in Netflix’s streaming app.

In Downwell you progressively make your way down a well (hence the title), but in Poinpy, you make your way up. You are a little creature that must leap and climb upwards while dodging bad guys and outrunning a giant blue beast on the bottom of the screen. You also feed the blue beast various collected fruits to calm them while making your way upward. The game is included with your standard Netflix subscription and features no microtransations or ads.

Downwell was released in 2015 for mobile devices and has been ported to various platforms in the interim. Poinpy’s surprise

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