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Ways of Storing Files in the Cloud

Many people have adopted the use of the cloud in storing their files.You can easily enjoy the numerous benefits which come with storing you files in the cloud The first advantage the convenience with which you can access your files regardless of what or whose computer, tablet or phone you are using.The other advantage is that you can still get access to your files even if you loses your phone or your computer gets damaged since there is a backup of the data that is created. Due to the huge benefits of using cloud for file storage, a number of services have come up offering the option therefore posing a challenge in choosing the most suitable for you.Because of that challenge there is need that you have relevant information to those services so that you are able choose the most suitable for you.

One Drive is the first option.With One Drive you can store all kinds of files from videos, to photos and documents.Further accessibility of your files is made possible from any computer, phone or tablet that you could be using.One more reason you will prefer to use One Drive is the capability to organize your files in a manner that you will locate the file you want without the least struggle.The others can still use it by downloading it as an app unlike for those who are using window 8 and window 10 who can use the one drive already inbuilt.

Dropbox is the other alternative. Your files will live forever in the cloud and a drop box website and desk top applications will enable you to access them, with the use of Dropbox service. Many users have come to like it and so should you because the ease with which it is used, the sense of reliability from the effectiveness realized on using it, and the breeze that comes with setting up.With storing you files in the cloud with Drop Box you can store as many as you have and that is an advantage of the other options.There are very simple operations involved the storage of data in the cloud through Dropbox since all you do to drag and drop a file to and from the drop box and the desk top.Interestingly there is no limit as to the amount of files you can move only that much time will be used if the files are large.

You will also find Google Drive as another way through which you can save files in cloud.A whole set of office suites are linked together with Cloud storage for successful file storage in Google drive.The advantage with Google drive is that it allows flexibility to edit documents no matter what format is used originally.
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