Hysterical Games

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If you are a veteran to the iPad/iPhone Gaming scene, you probably have come to find that the App store is actually not all that helpful in finding and organizing the games you really want to be playing. And when you turn to the web for suggestions, you may have found quite a few lists (admittedly similar to this one) that claim to have found the best iPad or iPhone games, but turn out to recommend Angry Birds, and nine other games that look to have been made by a 12 year-old. You either need to supply each student with a chalkboard or pieces of paper to write their answers on, or you can give each one 7 pieces of paper with the names of the continents and they hold up the correct answer. Questions should vary in difficulty as you want every child to be able to move forward at least once, but you also don’t want them all ‘winning’.game

Here’s the stupid part. Get two rubber bands or several twisties plus a pen. Strap down the X button – it MUST stay down – and use another rubber band to keep the left-stick tilted left. See photo below. The complicated politics of the series’ various subplots can be tough to keep up with, even during a normal season.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There’s plenty of games out there like this one. So why choose this one? Because its free and its well made. As this rhyme begins, all the girls jump into the swinging rope together and then jump out when their birthday month is called.

Halo Series: I wasn’t so sure about this one simply because I really dislike it, but my husband says he’s run into quite a few women who play this game. If you return any time after Operation Mi’ihen, the lady on the upper deck of the S.S. Winno (ferry between Luca and Kilka) gives you a weapon for Wakka with +35 MP boosts if you do a simple minigame.

The story is sweet and simple, and that’s how it probably should be for a game of this type. Many players have complained about the voice of Majin, but I actually like it. When you start to delve into his past, I’m certain you’ll begin liking him too. The interaction between Majin and the main character is very well-done, as well.

One of the other negative effect is that the artificial and imaginary world of these games takes children away from reality. Most children are not mature enough to understand the difference between the imaginary and the real world. These children when faced with real life problems may react abnormally or in socially unacceptable manner.