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A couple of weeks back I got to create this set of pieces for an avid Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island player, from Boston,¬†Massachusetts. In 2014, Square-Enix released a long-awaited HD remaster of Final Fantasy X, with models and textures rebuilt. On the one hand, the HD backgrounds are gorgeous. If you remember how fuzzy the game looked back when we were stuck using fuzzy old CRT televisions, before the days of LCD screens or emulators, it’s an astounding change.

On the pitch all that is necessary for a photo opportunity and some low level fireworks has been set up, awaiting the players. We stay to watch FGR lift the trophy once more, behind them gold and silver shimmering metallic streamers go up, then slowly fall above them.

I found that adding friends snowballs really fast, though. I started a new account and added 100 people…after a few days, that amount tripled, currently, I have close to 1,000- and the majority of them found me. So don’t worry about not having enough friends- you’ll probably have too many at some point! You’ll never make it through all their closets anyway.

I felt that the subplot of Stannis was one of the least effective. Dillane did a decent job, but I don’t think there was much to see there. I actually think that the character of his right-hand, Davos (Liam Cunningham), was more interesting than Stannis himself. On the other hand, kudos to Jack Gleeson for his continuing improvement in the portrayal of Joffrey. It’s impressive how far the character has gone from the first season to now, and he has become one of the greatest villains I’ve seen on TV.

This resource-gathering game is like a cross between Puerto Rico and Agricola , but not as hard to learn as either of them. We are currently addicted to it. It’s one of those not-enough-turns-to-do-everything games: you need more people to get more stuff, but the more people you have, the more food you have to gather to feed them, etc. Fantastic.

Yes there has been interminable plodding at points: Arya’s journey through the woods of Westeros seemed to go on forever, ditto Dani’s pacification of Meereen. But largely the story that has taken us to this point of narrative convergence has pulled off the rare feat of being both compelling and