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How Can Technology and Religion Work Together

There is a wide variety of apps that are either given for free or with a fee that the world of internet today offers. For example, a certain company can offer you apps for games if you want to play, or educational apps for children, or apps on how to improve a company’s productivity, or as simple as apps so you can listen to music or watch the movie you are anticipating at.

Among these various apps, one of the more popular category is the religious based apps that give a person convenience and flexibility to get a copy of a Bible for example in an electronic format.

Some of the more popular apps for Bibles and other religion based requirements will be presented here.
Bibles – My Most Valuable Advice

Presenting first to you the bible app that provides readers choices for several number of free translations to as many as 15 languages. With this app, sharing passages to your family and friends will be easily done, you can take notes if you like, and you can also connect to different social networking sites.
Learning The “Secrets” of Apps

Another religion based app is the Bible.is that paves your way in listening passages, or reading these passages in available 160 versions. The ability of this app would also make you take notes, highlight passages, connect to some social networking sites, and do searches using specific keywords.

The third app that we will present is the LDS Gospel Library which is about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and this is accessible in their different materials that are also in several languages.

Your next religion based app is Prayers and Blessings Daily, that will give you access to a new verse per day by notifying you daily, and you can read this in two versions, which are the English Standard Version or the King James Version.

Our next religion based app for your knowledge is called an Uplifting Psalms Daily, which you can share with family and friends, is provided for you daily, and you have two versions to choose in how you read it like English Standard Version or the King James Version.

Furthermore, there are three other religion based apps that all provide verses daily and thus the names of Identity in Christ Daily, the Wise Proverbs Daily and the Words of Jesus Daily.

Know that mobile apps are practically used by people in their daily lives, and thus with regards to your church and religion, your connection with members and visitors become easy and interesting.