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Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Hard Disk Degausser

Not all types of degaussers work efficiently regarding the safe disposal of data stored in all types of magnetic media. If you are shopping for such a device, you need to be extra careful to avoid choosing a machine that will be a waste of money. Familiarizing yourself on how to approach choosing a degausser would help avoid making regrettable decisions. How do you choose the right degausser?

Degausser type is an important factor to consider. There are numerous types of systems out there with each type employing different technologies. Some of the most common types of the same are capacitive discharge, coil, and permanent magnet. Coil degausser use alternating magnetic field technologies. Coil degaussers have a short operational cycle owing to their tendency to overeat. Capacitive discharge degaussers generate and store energy in capacitors. These capacitors then discharge electromagnetic pulses as required. The device can be used continuously because the short bursts of energy from the capacitors do not overheat the coil. Permanent magnet degaussers run non-stop because they do not have any electrical components that can overheat.

It is important to choose a device in respect to the type of media you would be handling. You should not assume that your choice type of device can degauss all types of hard drives. You should also not assume that a device works perfectly regarding complete erasure of a hard drive. Checking how well a device rates regarding performance would be a wise decision. Consider media dimensions. Hard drives come in many sizes. You should be sure that your device can handle any size of items.
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The quantity of media to be erased is an important factor to consider. In case you would be handling a huge quantity of media, choose a degausser with that in mind. Is that quantity going to be constant? If you would be handling a large volume of hard disks daily, you should choose a unit that can work at optimal efficiency on a daily basis. You should decide between tabletop and manual devices. In case you want one for your organization, choosing among portable ones that can be shared between departments would be a wise decision.
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Quality and affordability are important factors to consider. It could be that a device has what it takes to erase any type of data and handle any volume of hard drives. If the device is wanting concerning quality, investing in it would be a bad decision. Ask concerning pricing too. Most devices are priced in respect to their quality. It is important that you do not assume that expensive gadgets are of superior quality. It pays to consider the features a device comes with to ensure that you would not be overpaying for the same.