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Could It Be That Your Web Speed Is Harming Your Sales

You must have put in a good deal of resources and time in the website design. Your landing page is quite well set. You probably have the best keywords and all that go with infographics. Generally, you may have the best design of your website. However, you are rather dismayed that your sales conversions are still proving a teething challenge. Sales conversions from your site are not just happening as you’d wished them to.

Before you panic and make some rather unwarranted redoing on your website, probably consider a check into the speed of your website. Look into how fast your website is running. Should you find out that your website is running at a slow speed, then that is a cursor for trouble. However a problem, the good news is that this problem can be fixed.

You might be wondering what problem there is with a site that responds rather slowly. With the need to access to information, comes the need for speed and that makes slow speed a disadvantage. The value of that split second in access to information is quite enormous. For that reason it will not be wise losing out on that advantage. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the reasons that make a slow site the probable killer to your sales and conversions from such sites.

What is your first impression? A business keen on adding clients and converting prospects to customers must of course mind the first impression it creates. The first impression must without doubt be positive. Never be misled to think that your first impression is created on the landing page. Remember that the journey to your landing page takes time. This should be made the shortest time possible. If the time spent to load on to your website short, then you can be said to be well on track to satisfying your prospects and clients. They are surely going to be impressed positively by the fast load time. It will present your business as professional, efficient and reliable. A slow site will paint an exactly opposite picture of you and your business. Therefore however good your webpage and site may be, a slow site will negatively impact on these advantages. A number of people are often informed on their choice and decisions to have dealings with you simply on the basis of your website loading speed.

The next fact making speed a concern to your site’s efficiency is customers want. The present environment views speed as a necessity and not a luxury.