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Boss, This is What We Really Want So you have been losing your employees? The worst thing about it is that you happen to be losing only the best of the best. You are hard hit with the reality that you only have a few employees on your paycheck. It might be more to take in if you realize they’ve shifted to rival companies. It doesn’t even help that those remaining are hinting on leaving as well. You have already lost a few loyal customers. You’ve lost so much that any other blow might just send the business to shambles. There is just the solution for you. It is not about being the most well paying company its about being the most considerate. It is time to call that meeting to discuss the way forward. You want to start small and keep growing so as to be consistent. Giving your staff a pleasant surprise of providing them with food along with coffee and snacks is very likely to get you their attention. It gets it in the employees head that you care for their welfare. If you could facilitate some welfare experience for your staff don’t think twice about it. It may not be that much of a deal to you but your employees subsequent results will reveal something else. You very much need employees who are in their best state of being working for you. Paying for gym and yoga lessons for them could do a lot of justice to you. You are better of with staff that exercise because it has a way of keeping them more charged up to handle the tasks available. If you know what’s good for your business you might want to invest in a cr?che. This means they could concentrate better at their jobs knowing their children are just fine. People will work especially hard if they have an inkling that they just might get their children’s fees paid. People will delve into work in ways that will amaze you if they know the endgame spells tuition for their children courtesy of the firm. You’d be surprised at how much a little motivation could produce in a short span of time.
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Getting paid while on maternity leave gives staff all the more reason to stay. You need to credit more time to people going for maternity leave to ensure that they come back very charged up and conditioned for the tasks ahead. There is no rule that confines people to the four walls of your office because they are staff. It is safe to say that it will save you a good amount of money with respect to administration cost. Unlimited vacations do not mean less work getting done on the contrary, your staff will be in a position to deliver quality results . If you can provide health, vision and dental insurance then you have a winner. This is the best way to keep your best employees while topping as the most preferred employer which gives you leverage in selecting only the best of staff.Looking On The Bright Side of Providers