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When you talk about video games, the stereotypical player is an adolescent or young adult male. You don’t really think adolescent or young adult females play video games, but surprisingly quite a few of them do. Actually, a large portion of gamers are of the female persuasion. I speak from experience, I’m a hardcore gamer, and I’m female (last time I checked). One of the best things that you will notice right away when playing with the menus is that you have a bottomless inventory. You wouldn’t be running out of space in your inventory like you would in most games of the same genre. You also have the ability to fly in this game. There are no objectives, so you can fly around the game world and enjoy the stunning visuals. You are also given an infinite amount of explosive devices. You can throw explosives while flying around the map, which makes up for a great time aimlessly destroying things.

Pandemic is a cooperative board game where players take on the roles of researchers, medical personnel and others to combat and ultimately cure four diseases before they spread across the planet. Players lose if any one disease spreads too far or if too many outbreaks occur. They also lose if they run out of time (as measured by the number of cards available – each player draws two cards per turn, and when the cards run out, the game’s over).

I’d put these two just a tick below the other three, in that I’m pretty sure they’ll survive to the end of the series, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. (I have so many more GOT posts to write!) According to Maisie Williams , George R.R. Martin promised his wife he wouldn’t kill off either of the Stark sisters, and while showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss aren’t necessarily sworn to honor and obey that vow, you’ve got to think they’ll follow in the author’s footsteps here.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC, XBox360, PS3) is definitely an improvement upon its previous release of Battlefield Bad Company. With Frostbite version 1.5 gaming engine, that is inclusive of their new Destruction 2.0 feature – which allows for bullet drop over distance and the complete destruction of buildings and not just of its walls, you are definitely in for a real treat. All vehicles in the game are usable, which allows for more interesting game play, which is also still in line with the design of its predecessors in the Battlefield game

Is it noisy fans, ginormous stadiums or aging ones full of character, a flowing one touch counter attack or a forty yard cross field pass, is it all of that combined or is it simply finding the smallest of things that excites you on a cold Tuesday night in November, that makes the ninety minute shclepp worth it.

I’m not much of a 1st shooter game person myself. Every now and then when the jeans start getting a little snug, I’ll do the Kinect fitness thing but RPGs and life simulation is more my thing. As such, the chess aspect of 1st shooter never occurred to me. Interesting point.