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Spartacus is a series crammed with some intense action, violence, and drama – everything you’d expect from a TV show like Game of Thrones. Though this show doesn’t dwell in fantasy, it has gladiators with swords. Did I mention that there are tons of plot betrayals? You can stream the entire thing on Netflix.

Halifax look knackered” says Tom, lucky for them they will have at least a few moments rest, before extra time. The final whistle goes, the announcer inform us we are in for another thirty minutes” and another bright white flare is launched onto the pitch, the CFC keeper looks disdainfully at it, before he turns his back on the column of white smoke billowing up. CFC out of smoke bombs, or perhaps they are saving them, send up the biggest of their banners over the crowds heads once more.

What kind of a review is this? This isn’t fair because most of the games are from different timelines. I could put the worst Halo game (Halo Wars) together with Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and a bunch of other 1990s games and HaloWars would obviously win.

One of the best examples of this is the character of Theon Grejoy (Alfie Allen). Theon grew up along the Starks after his father was defeated by them in a previous war. Even though he grew with the Starks, Theon still carries the resent of being abandoned by his father and given away as a slave. Despite being well treated by the Starks, the inner conflict inside him arises as he is forced to choose between his brother-like allegiance to Robb or his father, while trying to prove himself. Those moments are some of the strongest and most powerful in the show, thanks also to Allen’s portrayal. He is so great that you can almost feel how his soul is torn between the two sides. The episodes where he takes Winterfell are some of the best of the season.game

Whether you’re hunting down monsters, solving murder mysteries, or just playing Gwent with the locals, The Witcher 3 is chock full of compelling side content that goes far beyond the repetitive fetch quests and collectathons we’ve come to expect from open-world games. Superb writing and surprising twists extend far beyond the main storyline, making all the question marks that litter your world map worth exploring.