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If you are a veteran to the iPad/iPhone Gaming scene, you probably have come to find that the App store is actually not all that helpful in finding and organizing the games you really want to be playing. And when you turn to the web for suggestions, you may have found quite a few lists (admittedly similar to this one) that claim to have found the best iPad or iPhone games, but turn out to recommend Angry Birds, and nine other games that look to have been made by a 12 year-old. Overlord? Yes, we’re talking about Overlord here! And the Overlord we’re talking about is Momonga! Now spreading his name as Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga never imagined that a day will come when he’ll be living as the overlord of a virtual world. Actually, it all happened in a flash. Momonga doesn’t even know what happened to him in the first place!

Whatever you do, don’t be one of those jerks who creates multiple accounts or uses multiple email addresses to grab more than one key for the purpose of hoarding, trading, using to get CV (contributor value) on Steamgifts, code dropping or selling. Nobody likes those people, because nobody likes a jerk.

Costume Contest: This is always a fun game. Have all the kids come to the party in fancy dress and hold a costume contest. Have them either model their costume or take a photo of their scariest face and print them out. Then get the kids to vote on the scariest, funniest, best home made etc. Get some cool prizes to give out and the kids will have a lot of fun!

The story in Red Dead Redemption, developed by Rockstar San Diego, is a great length and has plenty of things for you to do and see. Just don’t get too drunk at the saloon. And if you end up winning big at a card game, this will definitely be a game you’ll be glad you played.

The NES found massive success with Super Mario Bros, which heralded the return of video game consoles. This wrapped up the success of the third generation of these consoles. Nintendo ran a tight ship as regards its NES system. It introduced a lockout system, which forced game manufacturers to go through Nintendo only for their games. Also, it allowed third party game manufacturers to make only five games per year for the NES.game

It is always perfect on the PS3 without need of any video adjustments. Oblivion has entertained me for hundreds of hours, I find myself playing it a lot actually. If you have not tried it, there are many different characters to choose from, you can, as always, choose a standard heroic existence or a truly evil path, and everything in between.