Contact A Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm To Fight Your Charges Or Obtain An Expungement

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When you’re arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony it can be frightening, even if you’ve had previous brushes with the law. It can be frustrating when there are hearings that must be attended and they take hours to be heard because of other hearings ahead of yours. The legal questions and bill obligations can quickly upset your life and your daily routine. If you hire a Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm, they can help you maneuver through the legal system and keep you focused on protecting your rights.

Misdemeanor Charges

Although misdemeanor charges don’t have as extensive penalties as a felony, they could still carry jail time. Misdemeanor charges could come from animal abuse, bad checks, drug charges, firearms possession, juvenile offenses, open container, shoplifting, DUI, or theft. If an individual has been arrested, the police and the prosecutors are already building a case against the individual and they need to hire a criminal defense law firm immediately.

Felony Charges

Some misdemeanor charges can mistakenly be filed as felonies against an individual. Only an experienced criminal attorney can review the law and fight against the erroneous mistake. Felonies are more serious crimes and carry hefty fines and longer jail sentences.

Protecting An Individual’s Rights

A criminal defense attorney will carefully listen to a client’s situation and immediately begin fighting for their rights against the prosecutor. They will quickly go to work examining the evidence to determine if there was a coerced confession or illegal searches. In some situations, they will interrogate a witness to see if their account is accurate, true, or made up against the accused individual.

How Much Will An Attorney Cost?

If an individual is indigent, they can be appointed a public defender. A public defender usually has a heavy case load and won’t provide the same legal representation as a private attorney. A criminal defense lawyer provides a free initial consultation to collect information about the case, explain an individual’s rights, and discuss how much a legal defense will cost.

If you or a loved one have been arrested for a crime, hiring a criminal defense law firm is necessary to fight for your freedom. You will have a better outcome to your case when your rights are protected.